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Inspired by Picasso: new taqueria now open

The latest venture by Michal Bay is already welcoming taco-loving patrons at Merino Mill.

Yellow-colored tables below a dark window with the words "Picasso Taqueria" on them.

Picasso Taqueria is located within Merino Mill at 500 S. Main St., Mooresville.

Photo provided by Merino Mill

Inspired by Spain and a love for Pablo Picasso’s art, a new taqueria is now in the soft-opening phase at Merino Mill in Mooresville.

Restaurateur and mill owner Michal Bay says this latest venture takes him back to his teenage years. “When I was 18, a friend from school invited me to her family’s beautiful home in Madrid. Her parents had four paintings by Picasso on loan from a gallery. It was the first time I had seen a Picasso. I fell in love with his artwork and started to read all I could about him. I spent other summers in Spain and even then, I hoped one day to start a business inspired by him.”

Thus, Picasso Taqueria was born and now joins sister restaurants Aliño Pizzeria and The Barcelona Burger & Beer Garden at 500 S. Main St. in Mooresville.

Two street tacos piled with proteins and vegetables with sides of rice and slaw in the background.

We tried the California Shrimp and Black Bean Crumble tacos paired with Mexican rice and jalapeño slaw.

Photo by CLTtoday

Let’s talk food. Expect a variety of tacos on the menu featuring pulled pork, fried chicken, shrimp, and a black bean crumble. Editor’s note: Try the black bean crumble taco, you won’t regret it.

Sides include jalapeño slaw, Mexican rice, and charro beans with chorizo + a selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

Don’t think we forgot dessert. You can find flan, tres leches, cheesecakes, and fresh canolis.

Expect a spacious indoor dining area with communal benchtops + an outdoor patio.

An official grand opening is TBA — the restaurant is waiting on its ABC license. Once obtained, expect stacked shelves with a variety of wine and decor.

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