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What does Charlotte’s average commute look like?

The average commute for a worker in Charlotte is below the national average, and the amount of time spent traveling has declined over the past decade.

Charlotte exit 74 highway sign.

The average Charlotte commuter spends 48.2 minutes daily looking at signs like this.

Photo via Canva

If you’re like the majority of American workers, you start your day by starting your engines. A recent study by LLC took a look at the American commute in 2022 and determined the average US worker spends 51.2 minutes per day (or 215.6 hours annually) in transit.

How does Charlotte’s commute compare to the rest of the US? It turns out the Queen City is below the national average, ranking No. 85 out of the 170 most-populated cities in the US. Here’s how long the average Charlottean spent commuting:

  • 48.2 minutes per day, round trip (24.1 minutes in each direction)
  • 196.82 hours per year, the equivalent to 8.2 days

It also appears commuters in Charlotte are spending slightly less time in traffic than they did in 2012. Since that year, the average daily commute has decreased by 0.6 minutes (or 1.2%) — and as someone who works from home, you’re welcome.