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Get ready for the next chapter of SouthPark

A vision for Charlotte’s SouthPark neighborhood plans to go anywhere but “south.”

An artist's rendering displaying people walking on an enlarged sidewalk along a tree line.

A major plan in the SouthPark Forward 2035 Vision Plan connect destinations through an urban trail known as “The Loop.”

Rendering via The City of Charlotte

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SouthPark is a prominent destination for dining, shopping, and families. A new plan announced by SouthPark Community Partners looks to improve the community by creating a more open and accessible neighborhood.

Over the next decade, expect to see a 3-mile urban trail surrounding SouthPark Mall, expanded public gathering spots, and more transportation options. It’s all part of “The SouthPark Forward 2035 Vision Plan” — a layout for growth and development projects set to be complete by 2035 with an estimated cost of $250 million.

An artist's rendering showing an aerial view of SouthPark.

A new vision for Symphony Park would include a direct connection to The Loop, more flexible water features, and landscape architecture.

Rendering via The City of Charlotte


A critical goal in the vision plan includes expanding open space throughout SouthPark:

  • Transform Symphony Park with a direct connection to The Loop, with water features, and landscape architecture
  • Revitilize Carnegie Boulevard into a walking space — able to host festivals and street vendors
  • A linear park adjacent to SouthPark Mall at the main intersection of Sharon and Fairview roads
  • A new connection to Sharon Elementary School
  • A half-acre pocket park on Cameron Valley Parkway
  • Enhanced public space at St. Lloyd Presbyterian Cemetery off Colony Rd.

Editor’s note — There are 8,000+ households within a 1 mile walk of Carnegie Boulevard and Symphony Park.

An artist's rendering showing people walking through a common space in SouthPark at night.

The SouthPark Forward 2035 Vision Plan includes more community gathering places and an enhanced streetscape along Carnegie Boulevard.

Rendering via The City of Charlotte


Driving is the fastest way to get around SouthPark. Evolving this experience by building connectivity options will make walking, not just possible, but preferred.

  • Connect SouthPark’s destinations through a 3-mile urban trail
  • Unite the Cross Charlotte Trail (X-CLT) to McMullen Creek Greenway via the Backlot Trail


Residents and visitors can expect plans for expanded transportation options:

  • A mobility hub combining access points for local transportation, from buses and lift services, to bikes
  • The launch of a neighborhood shuttle
  • A new neighborhood bikeshare program — riders can rent a bike at one location and drop off at another

A timeline when projects are set to begin remains TBA. SouthPark Community Partners has committed $1 million toward Vision Plan projects over the next 3 years.

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