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A glimpse into CLT’s potential “Destination District”

Proposals offer a “a world-class front door for a world-class airport.”

A colored rendering of buildings and retail complexes in proximity to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Crosland Southeast is one of many developers with proposed plans for a new Destination District for Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Photo via the City of Charlotte

Ambitious plans aim for sky-high potential to bring further growth and economic promise to the “front door” of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

In documents obtained by CLTtoday, developers submitted proposals ranging from hotels, breweries, to manufacturing space to revamp 90 acres of land along North Josh Birmingham Pkwy. and Stafford Dr. near Wilkinson Blvd.

The land — owned by the airport — is considered Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s “front door.” Developers aim to capitalize by making CLT a destination in and of itself. Airport planners see the Queen City as an airport city.

An artist's rendering of hotel towers above traffic and people walking on the street below.

Crosland Southeast intends to develop 300 hotel rooms across two hotels + 50,000-sqft of retail space near Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Photo via the City of Charlotte

These proposals follow the airport’s announcement of “Destination CLT” — a $4 billion capital investment in enhancement projects to reflect CLT becoming, not only one of the busiest airports in the US, but in the world.

Developers with proposals include:

An artist's rendering of a public art display.

Crosland Southeast offered a proposal for custom architectural features to be situated on the corners bracketing Josh Birmingham Pkwy. to round out the grand entry into the airport.

Photo via the City of Charlotte

The airport intends to request approval from the City of Charlotte with the respective developers later this fall. Contracts are expected to be closed by December 1.

Editor’s note: big days are coming for Charlotte Douglas — with the debut of a new aviation museum and an airport overlook opening in the next few months.

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